Chasing the Sun

This is a CD of 13 instrumental pieces, inspired by people, places and some artistic studies.

My association with Gordon Giltrap introduced me to the wonderful world of “altered tunings”, and these provide a rich and resonant sound which open a door to some great new sounds and techniques. Most of these instrumentals are recorded using an altered tuning of some description - it’s just a case of remembering which one I used !!

“Bird on the wing” is a track written in a week’s escape to Northern Spain one Easter, watching a hawk floating on the air currents that funneled up the valley from the sea. It was such a graceful sight, watching the bird rising these currents effortlessly, scanning the valley below for any movement.

“Lazy Afternoon” is a jazzy, toe-tapping piece, and one of the few electric compositions.

“DAD’s GAD” uses one of the most popular altered tunings and is a grateful nod to Gordon.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Bezana
    2. Chasing The Sun
    3. Bird On The Wing
    4. Marennes
    5. Fern
    6. I Bow Down
    7. Lazy Afternoon
    8. Summer Bounce
    9. DAD’s GAD
    10. October Solitude
    11. New Dawn
    12. Open Sesame
    13. Lullaby for Pip

Chasing the Sun