“I’ve been listening to your music and it’s lovely. Good sounding guitars and well recorded with interesting arrangements. What a treat!”                      Bryn Haworth

Martin - everything has arrived this morning.  Opened the package and now have tears in my eyes.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Congratulations Martin. The CDs are really good! Great tunes and the guitar work and production are fantastic.

I just thought I would let you know that I listened to your CDs yesterday – they were fantastic!!  I was having a very relaxed day at home and the music definitely helped.

It’s very different to what I had expected – very different to you strumming away at church!  I didn’t realise you were such a good guitarist... we were all very impressed.

Well done!  The CDs look great!  I hope you sell a lot.  We would like copies please.

I have your CD “In Words and Music” loaded onto my computer and listen to it all the time … it is so relaxing!  Just what I need - thank you.

Got to track two and had to stop as tears were threatening my keyboard!  Will listen to the rest when I get home.

I thought the finished CDs came out really well - there's some really great stuff on there.

Listening to @revmcg1’s Chasing the Sun and letting it drain away the pressures of a good but busy week. Thankful

One thing we have thought about and perhaps mentioned to you ( I can't remember) is using a few extracts from the CD on the podcasts we do for Scripture Union.

Andy Green (Cornerhouse Studios)