..In Word and Music

This is a collection of instrumental tracks and songs, written over the last 30 years.

The first track is a recording of a piece written by Gordon Giltrap and used with permission. Gordon has been a good friend and inspiration over the years, and these offerings are largely due to his generous encouragement.

The songs all have a spiritual theme to them, as do some of the instrumentals (e.g. The Manger).

“Will you wait” , a plea for those of us who are slow in our faith, has already begun to be used quite widely in worship, and draws the listener to a place of peace and healing ...

“Let it be now” is a song of frustration with our failure to see the reality of our spiritual needs ... we are so easily blinded by the desires and noises around us.

“Disciple” is a response to a song called “Suicide?” by Barclay James Harvest. The words offer hope where the original song offered none; the musical theme has been used with permission.

The final song “Crying King” is a song inspired by the little teardrop church on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. On Palm Sunday, amid the cheers and celebrations of the crowds, Jesus enters the city, weeping. This song challenges us to see what He weeps over today ...

Of the instrumentals, “Embers” is a special one - performed for the first time the evening the church at Radford Semele burnt down.

There is an overall gentleness about the music, with some dramatic moments, and some of these pieces have been used in quiet reflection on retreats, church services, and those times of the day when you just neeed a bit of calm!

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Track listing

  1. 1. The Lord’s Seat (Gordon Giltrap)
    2. Will You Wait
    3. Willow
    4.  Hovering Over The Waters
    5. After The Storm
    6. Let It Be Now
    7. The Manger 
    8. Chimes
    9. Snowfall
    10. Disciple .
    11. Embers
    12. Les Vallaies
    13. Crying King


Martin Green ... In Word and Music